Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Closing Blog

Hi guys.

For those of you who still read this...who are also probably those who have been telling us to update it for months, we just wanted to post up that we'll be closing the blog.

We made it to document our move but with that over and other ways for us to keep you updated we don't really use the blog.

So thanks for reading, we'll probably open up our own blogs later in the year.

- Chris

Monday, April 18, 2011

GURFGHGh, Hulloh peeps what read this,

Well at the moment I've got my self stuck in an awesome swirl of super crazy Getter Robo binge which has been super fun.

At the same time there is some a bitter sweet flavour going about the stuff I'm into recently, earlier this year a super rad artist by the name of Clément Sauvé passed away, he did the awesomely fresh designs for Army of Two 40th Day ( I seriously would not have bought two copies of the PSP game if it weren't for the stylishly exaggerated designs ) and one of his last project was the character design work for the new G.I Joe show 'Renegades' which I've been watching a lot of.

I've never really dug G.I Joe that much although I've always liked the Cobra designs, the idea of an overly non-violent military show always felt a bit weird to me, even as an oblivious kid, but this new show is pretty rad, it's got it's flaws and it still feel a bit like an ad for the army at times but it's got a neat flow and is pretty well written and Clément's legacy on the show are the designs which add a whole fresh new take on the characters and gives the show a very distinctive look and feel. It's totally worth checking out.

( although some hard-core G.I Joe fans are on the fence about it...dammit is there any show/book/song/game/type of wood that doesn't have an overly clingy fan base?)

In completely non related news the fourth member of our household, Eka's cat tabby has had some serious dental work, and it costed a bundle too : < but at least her mouth isn't black any more!



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fuzzy Parteh, deadness and arting~!

Fuzzy Parteh~!
went to a party! X'D a 'Welcome' Party that Fuzzi Bear n' his awesome band of Roomie-buds threw for the few of us that have come to live in Melbourne thus far this year! :'D
and OMGGGGGG it was fun! ('D been a while since I have gotten to mix with all new people in a specTACularly awesome house for such events drinking punch that was delicious, wine we bought that was AWESOMELY SHITE, and zillion million trillion jelly-shots! ^____^;

I had fun~! than you somuch guys~! hope there wasn't too much mess to clean up the next morning ^^-; ((especially after I vacuumed~! X'D LOL )) Highlights from that were;
-Box pole-dancing -Dragon winning the 'Not Spewing Inside' competition! ((only chucked outside, so it's still valid! X'S))
-mildly tiddled Poi Spinning
-Orange demonstrating some SERIOUS contact-juggling skillz~!

8'CCCC For some reason also got quite angry within a random graise that I got @ the party. ((musta been all that sliding down the stairs on the cardboard box~ ^^; hurphurp))

So for a good week there, and still in it's ANGRY waning stages now, I had quite the infected scabbing fury welling up on my left foot. 8'[ Got to a point where I was quite un-able to walk on it or put it in a shoe from swelling would you believe! o___o crazy!

Fridge d00m
We continue to have a non-working fridge since we bought our white-goods some time ago from this dodge-ass 2nd hand place.
I am starting to think the guy there is jerking us around when he doesn't return my calls, show up at all when he said a mechanic would and gets shirty with me for pressing the issue of 'hey, we haven't had a working fridge for about 2weeks now'....... >|'[

patience are wearing thin.

The reason I am poor for eternity~

Gaining a new Victorian car license & car registry are going to whack another $600+ from my poor un-employed pocket in early April.. yaaaaai~! \|'S
Apparently Victoria is the most expensive state to own a car in according to the very nice staff rep I chatted to on the phone, who also thanked me greatly for the additional 15$ transferring fee to have my car even looked at~~ @_____@; *gurgle*

Turm tells me I should just 'not drive it' but it'll still have to be registered in case of emergencies~ |'3 thanx for the thought thou, lol

Drawing, however, iz GREAT! ^______^;

Super loving the 'work from home' gig that's supporting rent n' groceries each week through commissioning! :'3
The regular drawing and re-discovery of some good pencils that I own, and how they TOTALLY LIFT that otherwise 'bleh' marker-work has been inspiring and I'm loving getting to finally fill that gap that was rather lacking in last year routine~ :'3

Please feel free to contact me via DA, FA or email regarding commission work, helps me keep the bois & cat fed! ^___^;

And must apologise to those still waiting on Pixel Avatars, ^^; I get to a certain point with them and get stumped/slow every time~~ Promise it wont be too long though~!

Colour Change~!

Also dyed my hair back REFREASHINGLY BRIGHT ((bleeeechk natural colourz!)) just the other day when we toddled up to the Victoria Markets, MYYYYYYY GAWD THE AMOUNT OF CHEAP FUDE THAT PLACE DISPENSES.. O_O and they hold this every Friday?? *faints* soooo much meeeeeeeeeat~~ <3<3
Am now able to search for jobs once more too, now I 'look' the proper part~ :'3 Which I will be considering more heavily with each mounting expense that crops up ^^-;


Velcro, Turms lil' pet Gecko, shed her dermis some short while ago. 8'S
She got all pale and strange looking one night, worried Turm until it pealed back leaving her with the cute little nature-made turtle-neck sweater. ^^;
The wiki we immediately looked up said that it could take anywhere between a few hours and a day to fully come loose and they lizard commonly eat it once it is shed.

We never saw another the next stage, only Velcro smacking her tiny scalie lips and with an all bright and shiny-new skin. Her grip improved quite a lot after that too, guess geckos shed for a reason ^^-;

The oddness was the next day when I woke up from having a dream about Velcro vomit-y-regurgitating her shell back up, sticky but in perfect condition only flat and eye-less, and Turm took it from her saying 'awwwwwwwh, guess that didn't agree with you now, huh sweetie' *kisses her head* ................. @~@;


ACTfurh on the horizen

Still in pre-production getting the last nuts n bolts f the site sussed out, ACtfur doesn't look like it will be ready for Season 3 Launch in March as first planned, but it iz not too far off now~
thanx for the patience on that guys~! ^____^;

And in lighter closing news;

ah made a MASSIVE cauldron of soup yesterday! |'D
Kraden and Wendy seemed to enjoy it, and it turn out MUCH better being given the whole day to stew, instead of me rushing it just WANTING for it's deliciousness to be rightnow. X'S

I should put up a recipe for it perhaps~ :'3 any like thick winter-soups?

Orrighty~! well this entry has been overdue and OVER-long for this posting~! X'D
so til' next round, ART, LOVE and PROSPER~! <3


Weekend after next holds:

-Cassu coming up on the tail-end of her trip to a further stage in iinets 'Top Geek' comp!
-Supanova is on in Melbourne ((which we should prolllllllly book for ^^; ))
-Rotae is up for a Wil Anderson performance on that Satuday~! :"D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trigun coffee fridge cakes!

In our gallant efforts to convert our flat from a place we keep boxes in and sleep to an actual house, we’ve started sorting and unpacking our other boxes. Having been the firt one into the house mine consisted of blankets and linen. Large…blankets and linen.
Large enough to turn Carnival into a living ice-cream cone!!!

We’re making an effort not to be too social all the time else we’ll never get anything done. However when Fuzzi offered to throw us a party to welcome us to Melbourne properly we couldn’t really pass it up.

It was however delayed by two weeks. So we went over for dinner instead and OH MY GOD can they cook some goooood supper. In line with most fans of our podcast there was bacon.
Bacon break, Cajun spiced bacon pastries, bacon in baked potato and bacon nits in the Caesar salad.
All of it was Mind-blowingly delicious. And with good company in their huuuge house (seriously, it might be an ex cottage but they’ve got chandeliers!). We even had the chance to wantonly defile some of their white boards.

Ray was even kind enough to hold it up for us. So we put our artistic license to good use and mutated his lower half.

Muu huu haa haa.

But the big even this fortnight was Toms birthday. I’ll let Carnival go into details on that but we were very glad to have Kitfox-Crimson and SugarCat surprise visiting from Tasmania for his big-ol-25th.
But seriously…best cake EVAR! (Super Crabby Lemon-merang monstrosity of delicious and win)

Apart from working throughout the week and bubbling away at freelance jobs I’ve been reading the Trigun Manga Erika has…
And reading…
And reading…
And reading
Carnival: Seriously! The man was a machine!
Good golly did I like that Manga. I don’t usually read comics or Manga but I think I might start collecting a few if they’re that good :D
But the highlight of my week was not the party, or finishing an awesome series, or how nice life is here.
Kitfox and SugarCat have been keeping Carnival and Turm’s little coffee machine at their place since, while in Tasmania, Carnival and Turm didn’t have the room for it. But here in Melbourne they both HAVE the room AND live with a Barista.

Oh happy Daaaays! (Oh happy daaays). Oh happy Da-ays! Etc…

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This place is pretty much a house now, covered with obscure graphic novels, video games across to many platforms and OS', robots and plushie crocs are everywhere and there are constant games of 'chase the cat and get her back inside' so that's okay. Btw here is a tonne of photos of our initial settling mission

PART I: psuedoHOBO

...I've mostly been playing Streets of Rage 2 (my second most favortie game of all time since I was a kid ) and Bare Knuckle III ( I got both endings! That's something? Right? ) oh and I've been applying for jorbs which can been amazingly depressing ( there is a job opening as a cleaner at a butcher! Yayyyy ) but thems be the breaks.

As far as art work/comic stuff goes usual I've got a whole ton of storylines buzzing through my head so I'm kinda deciding on which project to work on, although with Wendy as frequent company our ancient 'not-made-it-past-sketches-in-4-years' collaboration story 'Clanz' ( a frozen world anthros with mecha somesuch ) is looking to maybe happen! Possibly! also I've got another bit of work with Aurealis which is nifty : D

In my wonderings around the city so far I've probably spent the most time wandering up and down Chapel street which is one of the more awesome streets that isn't right in the CBD. Its this totally rad two storey comic/pop-culture/whatever shop called 'Alternate Worlds' which I nabbed the totally awesomely obscure 'Kikider Code 02 ( vol.2...I need to ebay for vol.1 ) A newish manga adaptation of a Japanese super hero show by the same guy who did Kamen Rider, it's a gaudy yet dark existential cyberpunk somesuch.

Kraden asked me what it was about and it went something like:

Kraden: So what is this thing you're reading? Is it good?

Turm: I like it! But that doesn't mean necessarily it's 'good'

Kraden: what's it about?

Turm: basically, it's robot guys going 'What is life? Am I alive? What does it mean to be alive INTESTINES INTESTINES! BLEGGH!

PART II : Vanishing Tabatha

Two interes...wait...one irritating and one neat thing happened the day after we moved into our place here in Melbourne land.

Tabbies reaction to our bare-bones house was to hide in the huge pile of cardboard that was Kraden's moving in boxes. Later on the next day tabby was gone 'Gah, that damn cat, she's really good at hide and seek' was Eka's self reassuring repeating quote until about and hour and a half past and she started to really get worked up and worried, after turning the house upside down and discovering a hole in the wall behind the lower kitchen shelves and getting worked up about tabby being stuck in the drywall ( turns out the hole didn't go that far but we plugged it up anyhow ) Eka and Kraden started looking around outside, canvassing the area, talking to neighbours and generally acting like someone who has just lost their pet. After looking around outside a bit my self ( I'll write more about that in the next bit ) I waited in side while Eka and Kraden ran about the area. Now if you know Kraden and Eka you will know that they are two of the nosiest people ever and combined they are extra super noisy. With those two gone and the radio off a tangible silence crept over the house. I crouched next to the spot where the hole was and next to the oven was a gap in the wall that seemed to lead under our flats floorboards. I sat there and made cat calling noises and then;

Turm: chht chhhht chht, here cat...come'on you fuzzy bastard, wooooooo, wooooooooo...(clicks fingers)

Noise *shuffle shuffle*

Turm: what! You...woooooo...wooooo

Noise *shuffle...* ….Purr puuur purrr purrr

Turm: you little bastard!

( Kraden get's back to the house )

Turm : she's over here

Kraden: what really?

Turm: I think she's behind the oven, wanna help me pull it out

Kraden: uh, oh, that might mess up our gas pipe

Turm: whould that be bad?

Kraden: ( looks me in the eye)

Turm: yeah okay, well what choice do we have?

Kraden knelt down and it turns out there is a panel at the base of the oven, he pulled it off by accident and ta-da, there was the little bastard, we got in touch with eka and summoned her back, I stood in our lounge facing the huge windows that looked out to the rest of the complex, Tabby curled up and purring like a huge bastard that she is...until Eka rounded the corner, fists clenched and teeth gritted, and which point tabby started to panic and squirm...she's a conniving brat, she knew exactly what she was doing the whole time and knew that Eka would be pissed off X'D

Otherwise she's settled in pretty nicely since then.


Ever since I was a little kid I've always wanted a reptile pet, it may have had something to do with the whole Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fad, but anyhow I found a totally sweet pet shop that has Axolotls, Blue Tongue Skinks, Bearded Dragons and Water Dragons giant Praying Mantis/Stick Insects and 'jumbo' Hermit Crabs!

I'm sorta treating the place like a zoo until I can get mah self a Victorian herpetology licence and a Beardie. In the mean time however ( as Eka mentioned in her last post ) I got myself a Gecko, here is the story:

On the second day after we moved in Tabby disappeared ( I think Eka can do the details of that story ) and in one of this debacle's sub-plots I decided to scoot around the house to to see If I could find her, around the back of our complex is a bunch of tiny crawl spots that lead under the building, out of curiosity I lifted up some of the junk that was blocking one of the gaps ( probably to keep the numerous cats of the building out from under there ) and there was a little gecko upside down on the gaps frame, I went to touch it and it flopped to the ground and ran away. I checked this spot pretty much every day for a week to see if the gecko would return but I never spotted it. Later, Tabby managed to escape again and she stole into the one hole that wasn't junked up and hid under the complex for a good hour or so. After I managed to get her out and after she was back in Eka's care I went about blocking the gap like the others, and as I did one of the bits of junk I was using to prop up the board I found was a little gecko! I dropped what I as doing and grabbed it.

After a tiny bit of research I found that it was a 'Marbled Gecko', probably a female and named her 'Velcro' because of her crazy sticky feet, I kept her in a tiny plastic cheese container with some holes punched temporarily until I found a much bigger bit of tupperware and made a customised lid ( out of cardboard and a bit of old screen-door that I found outside ) and I was super happy forever!


two days later, she was gone, I had only attached the lid with some rubber-bands and she must have squeezed out of the gap. Two days later, heartbroken and full of guilt at the prospect of giving Tabby a potential lizard snack I sobbed pathetic tears for the tiny lost lizard,

Eka: Awww, don't worry, I bet she's still under the bed or something

Turm: SQUISHED!? And it's all MY FAULLLLT! UUUuuuuuuughhhh

Eka: Hmm I don't think so, just got a feeling yanno.. keep checking around our room over the next few days

So in a fit of...something, I trashed the whole room looking for her.

Nothing, I rubbed by eyes and just as I was about to leave the room I looked up, and there she was, stuck to the ceiling.

Eka: So...I thought you said you'd let her go because you felt so terrible and she's basically earned her freedom

Turm: ...but...but....but........ *SAAAAADFACE*

Eka: *rolls eyes* ...Fine, I guess you can keep her then

Turm: YAY!

Soon afterwards I modified the tupperware some more, this time cutting a rectangular hole in the original clip-on lid and using packing tape to secure a screen-mesh to it's underside, also filled it with a thick layer of dirt ( I even have some grass growing in It that I've kept alive ) and some rocks and sticks for her to hide under and climb on. So far that's been working pretty well, at the moment I'm catching little crickets and moths and spiders to feed her and she seems pretty healthy, she also likes to crawl up my arms, up my neck and play in my hair.

She's the best Gecko ever.



Sunday, March 6, 2011


OHYEAH~! >8'D in your FACE PRATIES!!
Turns out I have MASTERED the art of Baked Spudding and since CONQUERED the refined art of 'cheese sauce' >|'3 took three times to perfect, BUT I REMAIN VICTORIOUS~! >|'D

......But enough about how awesome I, obviously, am @ cooking~ (("thankyou internet" without my cheese-sauces are mere curdle-stains upon the drainage of my house~~~ \|'S ))

There be boxes still to unpack~!

It's amazing how even though we've been moved in here for 3weeks & 2 days.. there are still boxes left un-opened ^^;
I think it's mostly a matter of 'there is no more room for all that linen', ((we're still questing on getting a nice big cupb-oar-drobe for that)) falling into a rather domestic routine with washing & shopping etc, mixed with the need to turn over a dime through hard-core drawing taking up most of my function-time in a day~

Its either that or the strong strain of 'procrastination' that never seemed to lift |'S

Ur Scalie pal in the Tupperware;

Turm has managed to nab from the rugged wilderness of our backyard, a friend~ Aptly named 'Velcro' Turms new pet Marbled Gecko is quite the new addition to our lil' pad~

She hasn't quite got a nice 'house' yet, but he's modified a larger Tupperware we had into a mesh-top mini-condo for her brief holiday until he is able to afford a proper terrarium enclosure. :'>

There also be BALLOONS on the horizen~!
As it'll be Turm 25th Birthday on the 11th of this month~! :'D so leik, draw him a fanart or GRILL HIM A CHEESE or sumthing! X'3

Missed out on AICon down in Taz that was this weekend, I am blessed enough to a have a sexy and awesome friend, Cassu Bean, who was gracious enough to take a few of the con-stock stuffs I left in tas with her to the bigger more grandeur event, now held in Tassies 'Derwent Entertainment Centre' or DEC for short.

So sad I missed out on its new hop to a MUCH bigger venue~! \|'S

As for my current movements now, again, test-trialling trying to draw in order to stay afloat.. It's actually working for the moment, the MUNNIES HARTH NOT RUN OUT YET~!

-But I suspect that once I've gotten some more hair-bleach, touched up the rag-sheet that become my mop to sumthing a little more bright green, yellow 'EMPLOY ME, I"M INTERESTING!' I shall drop some resume's in & turn on the smilies to every bakery & florist in the area. ('3

*Alsways wanted to work in onea' those before getting into a long-term career! ^^-;

Here's a quick preview of a a picture to come soon I started on the boat-ride over :'3
full picture coming soon~!

........And in even LESS important news, I bought a FAAAAAAARK-TONNE of markers yesterday~! >|"D obviously putting all that hard-earned cash to USE, hahaaar who needs rent~! X'S
I swear I -needed- them though.. o-o they're for the commission drawing~! X'3 really!

And that's all I got this late/early in the morning~

But in closing there shall be evidence also~! Photos of the whole sha-bang to come very soon~! ((once they're all uploaded and shiney!))

Til next update,


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wurkin for tha man

It's nice to have a day job. Working 5 days a week is a great way to pass the time until the weekend, however I'm realising I'll have less time for commissions and ActFur than normal, so have ta keep on top of things better in the coming weeks.

They were nice enough to give me an advance on my pay so that I can do things like...pay rent and buy food. The reason for this is that it doesn't take up-to 28 days for a sole-trader ABN to process, it takes EXACTLY 28 days for a sole-trader ABN to process..wooo.

So since they can't pay me the full amount without it they gave me an advance cheque which will hopefully process by tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Otherwise we have a nice lounge set from my Uncle Russel. We finally got rid of all the left-over card-board boxes which have been there for about 2 weeks. And wouldn't you know it I found a use for them the very next day (making levelled shelving for our cupboards whose shelves are quite tall + deep.

This weekend we're heading on out to the Astor, a heritage theatre to see a re-mastered version of Laurence of Arabia. Apparently it was originally shot on 65mm film and shrunk to 35mm for the cinema back then. So it was easy for some wizz bang remastering techs to bump it up to today's 70mm standard. Spielberg and some other Hollywood buffs have been paying out of their own pockets to have the great epic films remastered, so it'll be good to see.

P.S. Anyone catch the Tropfest film festival?